Monday, 25 February 2013

Throw Back- Transition attempt

I found some old pics of me at around 13 years old when I attempted to transition. OMG that was crazeeee. I had wanted so much to be able to from straight to natural like those days where my hair was pressed. I was only 5 years old when that started. I loved when my mom washed my hair on Saturdays and it would go back to being natural, and shrunken and if she had time she'd give me some wicked corm row styles that everyone would rave about. At that time, even tho I vaguely remember, but I thought my hair was just DOPE!

I wanted that so badly! Those feelings were mixed tho, the down side, I could NOT stand the tugging while it was being combed, I was soooo tender headed! So when my mom decided to let me grow off my heat damaged ends, she had my hair processed with kiddies creme at 6. And that was it!

It wasnt done every 2 months or so, she also braided it, or sent me to get it braided and I picked up a nasty fungus and the shampoo used to kill that fungus, burned my hair off. I was sad, and it was a struggle to grow back. I wore braids during all age school and my hair regained its thickness, somewhat.

Then came High School, I could no longer wear braids, and wanting to fit in, I had my hair processed every six weeks! That was just crazeeeeeeee! Then came the breakage and frustration, Imagine going thru puberty and hair problems at the same time! So i decided to Transition! LOL at 12 going 13, with no knowledge, NUTN! I did it for a few months, my mom corn rowed my hair in various styles, but because it was so short, I added a little piece of hair to it, so that it was long enough to be pulled back in a scrunchie, and what do you know??? The teachers were paying microscopically close attention to my hair and I got caught! Sent home for my parents. I was mad! That weekend I went and got a relaxer.

I hated my hair, hated my mom for choosing a man with nappy hair, hated my dad for choosing a woman with nappy hair, hated them for cursing me with this hair! From then on I never felt the urge to back to natural, never cared about damage, I damaged it on purpose. Color, heat, relaxers, too tight braids....Id just cut it if I was fed up.

Im emancipated now tho, set free from the bondage of the creamy crack and is on a DOPE ASS natural hair journey...YAY!

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