Monday, 4 February 2013

Beautiful Textures vs African Pride

So, in the beginning of my now 7 month Journey I purchased Beautiful Textures "Moisture Butter, Whipped Curl Creme" It says "Intense Moisture" and that was I needed, it also says it would elongate curls. At that time, all I wanted were waves, n curls, not really understanding that my texture was  to tightly coiled, so getting those waves were almost impossible without a texturizer. I must say it did make my hair soft. I used it for my twists and finger coils along with my gel.

As my hair grew and I tried different products, I stopped using  it. No reason, I still have half jar left. I saw on FB a curl kit, with African Pride "Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Creme" It says Moisture Intense. Now when I saw the results of some juicy twists and twist outs  achieved by this I wanted it badly, I saw that the texture of the ladies hair were a bit different than mine, but I thought I would get some similar result. I opened the African Pride Jar, and the smell that hit me, was soooo similar, I knew that I smelled that smell somewhere. I continued to use it, it was ok when i did my twist too, with gel also  kept my hair somewhat juicy. But the smell, kept tingling my nose.

Going thru my box of products I ran into the Beautiful Textures, I opened it, and BAM!!! the smell hit me, I took up  my African Pride, and theeee same exact smell. Not only was the smell the same, I read the ingredients, they were the same too, listed the same exact way. They are even manufactured in the same factory. Now I personally take no offence to this, its marketing, both products are great, n the prices arent bad. Even tho I never used it alone to see the full potential, they are products I'd buy again,

What I plan on doing tho is a vid, using the BT on one side and AP on one side, just to see if my mind will play tricks on me, and one will work better than the other,  What really kicked me in the ass tho...The Beautiful Textures jar is 8 oz for $650 JMD thats about $6.50 USD, the African Pride is 6oz jar for the same amount of money ahhhhh!!!! But hey, we live n we learn....

Look out for my vid...


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