Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Brothers Have nicer Hair

"Your brothers have nicer hair than yours" "I wish she had hair like her brothers". These have been some of the things I've been hearing since I was born. Its funny how genes work huh? I know the Black Hair community is kinda out of saying good hair bad hair, nice hair, all hair is equal. whatever. My brothers have hair that I want, or wish I had, and yes that sums it up to them having nicer hair than mine, its not just different, its  Their hair naturally has more body, more sheen, bigger curls, not big 3c curls, but more defined,   maybe 4A and that smooth, "pretty hair" look. If they grew out their hair, I'm sure they wouldn't have to do so much as I've been doing to try to keep my hair healthy.

ME ...My bro 
Im the only girl for my mother, and when I was born, she says she could see the big difference in my hair and in my 2 older brothers. My eldest brother, has straight hair, jet black and shine. The 2nd one has curly hair, the curls are bigger, his hair is dense, full of body, when he was about 1 year and a couple months he had a big afro and she loved combing it, and even wished he was a girl so that she wouldn't have cut.

I came in the picture, she saw my hair and was saddened by the sight of my hair. A few family members and friends even noted that she doesnt the good hair like the boys, it hurts her, and hurt me when I heard, cuz I'm thinking, they dont need hair on their heads, they get a cut weekly, and here I am struggling with my hair.
My hair had smaller curls, I had less dense hair, it shrunk more. It was shorter and seemingly less attractive. 
Genes, genetics, whatever, we have the same parents and you would think that we would all get the "good" attributes, sadly its not like that. Maybe my life would have been different if had had hair like theirs, maybe not. Going through all I went through with my hair, as  made me who I am today. Made me look past negative comments made me strong, almost unbreakable. Its as if all the bad remarks I got in the past, as made me immune to negativity. The negative comments and remarks will never stop, someone somewhere will always have something to say about what you wear, how u look, if u gained a pound. Whatever, people will never stop criticizing, some people have to you down to bring themselves up, or make them look good, unfortunately at  my expense. So when person say shit bout my hair, I laugh, I join em, and we all have a ball.

My years of being hit with negative about my hair has made me realize that I am not my hair. I am beautiful even if  I am bald headed. Beauty comes from inside. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I behold my hair and I see beauty.

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