Monday, 7 January 2013

Protective Styling

So over the wknd I decided to wash my braids and re-do  the front portion, looks neater. I was originally planning on keeping it in for 4 weeks, but it seems it may be able to last longer than that. Originally it took me 5 days to complete the braids. My first attempt at this particular style.  must say I am proud of  myself. :)

Earlier in my journey, abt 3 months, I was loosing the low hair appeal. I went to an hairdresser to get my hair done, she looked reluctant, and said it looked like something that would take the entire day. For her, that meant less money. Also, I saw her blow drying someones hair she was about to start, and the way she was pulling i and tugging her hair looked so painful, I passed. I went away. I decided to keep wearing my hair as is. 

Well, not jus out, I'd put it in finger coils, or 2 strand twist, using Polishing gel and Beautiful Textures Butter. I loved look I achieved with twist out and brush coils. But the fact that I had to wash my hair and re-do it so often made me tired. Working ll day, coming home to a 1 yr old, was not easy at all. 

I first did box braids, they took me almost 12 hrs, and weren't as neat as i expected. Also due to the length of my hair, it got fuzzy real quick, so i took it out in a week. 
The second one I did was afro kinky twsist, which I kept for 3 weeks, that also

After that I mostly flat twist, or 2 strand twist, My hair is growing at the average rate, I want to retain as much length as possible, so i"ll be doing mostly  protective styles like this, the next one Im planning on doing is Marley Braids, or Nappy Anny. So we'll see how that works.

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