Monday, 7 January 2013

My Hair Care 4C Product Junkie

The 31 of December marked  7 months of me being natural. I'm still in the process of finding what works for me, or my staple products. I like to try new stuff, so being a product junkie, even though costly is fun for me.
I've tried quite a few products thus far some, I like, some, not so much.

When I did my big chop, I would wash every other day, when I learnt about co washing, I gave up shampoo, I had to go back to shampooing tho, as my hair would itch badly, I guess that was due to product build up. At that point I would sometimes dilute the shampoo, or use my sons baby shampoo.

Products so far:
In the beginning I used:
- Motions Lavish Moisterizing Shampoo
- Motions Silicon Conditoner
- Motions CPR
These I had before my Big Chop, so I continued to use em
After BC:
- Tresseme Curl Hydration Condtioner
- Herbal Essences Colour me Happy Conditioner
- White Rain Color Splash (havnt used that since)
- Creme of Nature Argan oil Condtioner
- Tresseme Color Thrive Condtioner
- Herbal Essense Hello Hydration Shampoo
- Beautiful Textures Deep Conditioner
- Beautiful Textures moisture butter
- Blue Magic Agran oil Leave in
- Organics Hair Mayonese Deep Contioner
- Organics Olive oil deep condtioner
Orgaics Tea Tree Oil
Organics Hair Mayo Leave in
Soft  and Silky leave in Treatment
Soft and Silky Carrot oil
soft and Silky olive oil
Organics Polishing Gel
African Pride Shea Hair moisterizer
African Pride  shea Curly pudding
VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner (love)
Cantu Shea Butter (love)
Creme of Nature Argan oil moisturizing, detangling sulphate free shampoo(love)
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Good ol cholesterol Deep conditioning

I missed out a few products, I am ashamed. LOL. There are a few more that I want to try.
The products I love the best is;
VO5 moisture milk conditioner, Argan oil Sulphate free Shampoo (Creme of Nature) Argan oil Deep Condtioner (creme of Nature) Coconut oil, Olive oil, castor oil, Cantu shea butter leave in and african pride shea moisture. Those work fine,

I DC weekly, and protective styling. Healthy hair is my main goal.

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