Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Aloe Vera Olive oil

Last week I went to bed without covering it. the next day I woke up with my hair feeling like straw. And looking not so wonderful. In addition to that, I was lazy, and could not bother to go through the whole wash day regimen. Since loosing my Uncle I've been very lazy when it comes to my hair. I even noticed my flakes coming back. I guess that would be due to stress or maybe I am alergic to something, I am not so sure. At the same time I am iffy to visit a dermatologist, they may prescribe something that will burn off my hair. Ive had this experience before.

Back to my dry hair. So it was dry and horrible looking. I decided to try some aloe vera that I got from my Granny, mixed with some olive oil, very simple, all natural and effective. Aloe vera can help in so many many things, skin care, air care, using as an internal cleanser etc. Most of all it can be grown in your back yard.

I got 2 leaves, allowed it to drain off

Cut of the pricks 

Cut one side 

Use a spoon to extract clear meat

Threw it in the blender until it turned to liquid

Put some in a bowl, added the olive oil

Stirred it

Apply it all over my dry hair. 

Instantly I felt the softness. This can get messy, as well as the aloe may stain your clothing.

I kept it on  for about 2 hours, then washed it out with nunaat shampoo and conditioner

Shortest Wash Day 

Cut leaves, let them drain. Cut the sides,  use spoon to remove meat 
Place in a blender, blend til smooth, add olive oil
My very dry tangled hair 
It was very runny,

Instant softness, and detangles 

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