Thursday, 9 May 2013


Since I started my natural healthy hair journey,  I find myself looking at a lot of women's hair, if they are natural, i try to  figure out what hair type they have,  I chat them in my mind, "her hair is so dry", "ughh, that needs washing", :an acv rinse can get out them crusty looking dandruff" and  if they are relaxed, i can see damage or health, and i go on chatting them: :those ends, eww, so stringy", "those edges so picky picky", "look at that breakage", or oh yea, she takes care of her hair...I even find myself wanting to preach the word of Natural hair to my sistas letting them know, testifying (hallelujah) that it is best for the health of our hair to either stop getting a relaxer,  (oh lawd) or stretch out the relaxers to maybe 2x a year, and in cooperate more protein treatments and Deep conditioning into their hair diets, as it is a popular myth that steaming (deep conditioning  your hair will take the relaxer out, so they stay away from it. A lot of us  just do not know how to treat our hair , and aint that sad?  I ran into a few persons from my school days, that had a full head of hair, some down to their backs. Thick lustrous hair to die for, and when I see them now, I'm like Wth! huh? Where is all that hair??? and I go on and on  blaming the relaxer, asking them if they don't remember how long their hair was, and how we used to rave about it. They remember, but cant deal with if  but they endure the burns and breakage and peeled out hair sides. SMH. They say they'll cut it, wear weaves, pshh, it will grow back. its just hair.

 Yes, I've heard that so many times "it is just hair" and it will grow back, and hair is dead, I once shared that sentiment, it was like yea yea I am not my hair I don't need to practice any hair care nutn, its just that. I am not my hair, it doesn't control me! Is this really so? Is it just hair? Because if that is so  why is it that our hair overpowers us, takes over so many different aspects of our lives. So many different products, so many different brands of false hair, so many wigs, lace wigs, half wigs, remi, peruvian hair that look like "real hair" so many techniques to  make a wig or sew in extensions have a natural look? Why all that stress if its just hair?  It is not just hair, our hair means so much more to us than we can imagine.We reason that certain hairstyles dont match certain outfits, our hair needs to be did in order for our clothes to look good, you cant have a certain hairstyle if you want to work certain places. Persons become offended if you wear your hair in a particular style. You can become a targeted by the popos if u got a certain hair style. (dreadlocks)

Good hair, bad hair, hair typing, letters and numbers kinky hair curly hair coily hair straight hair wavy hair. Ooo  "I want that hair", its the Indian in my genes why hair is like this. All this hair talk is making me go off! Black hair has revolutionised, I love it! But deep down I want it to be like an epidemic, a virus, taking over all black people, matter of fact take over the world!(evil Laugh).  At the end a di day yall it's your hair, do whatever u wanna do with it! this is just me ranting! Hey, Im close to my 1 year Nappiversary, so I'm overly excited!


Mocha Dier

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