Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ignorance Enslaves, Knowledge Liberates

Ignorance Enslaves, Knowledge Liberates, this is the motto of my Alma Mata. These words have proven true over the past six months when my eyes were open and I did my BIG CHOP!

All the years of my life, I grew up enslaved to the thought that my hair would never grow, and that if  I had natural hair I was a church goer who is under the strict rule of the church and can never get a relaxer.

I have been enslaved, bounded in the chain of the relaxer, whipped with the harsh burns of the chemicals, abused, having to deal with hair breakage. Not being able to accept my hair, not being able to accept me.
Not being able to be free.

All these years, and finally I'm FREE... Liberated.

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