Saturday, 15 December 2012

May 31, 2012

On that day, I decided to do my Big Chop. This wasn't my first time cutting all my hair off, matter of fact i cant count how many times i cut off. Once i saw any damage or just got tired of dealing with it, that was my solution. But on the 31st of May, 2012 when i asked my bro to shave it all off, I started my journey.

A few weeks before my BC I saw this pic of a natural hair female. I loved it. I've always loved seeing natural hair. I must admit tho, i didn't like seeing those with my hair type, which is 4C. One pic led to another and another, and it went on and on, I couldn't stop looking, and once i googled, I was shocked to see the many natural haired females. I read their stories,  some sounded so familiar. Id been saying I want to go natural, for years. The very first time, I was about 13 years old in the first form. I remembered when my mom used to press my hair, and whenever she washed it, it came back to being natural, I wanted that versatility, but i had to have it relaxed, due to lack of knowledge  After that I continued to feel the urge, but really didn't get the drive to start my journey and the people surrounding me didn't allow that. Knowing me, and my somewhat rebellious nature, the tendency to stand out, my free spirit, I did it. Chopped it all off. I know I'm impatient, so transitioning was never an option. For me, that would lead me right back to a relaxer.

My hair after 6 months and some weeks has definitely been a challenge. I haven't been frustrated tho, haven't felt like going back to the relaxer. haven't regretted the day i decided to embark on this journey. I have cried. Why? Discouragement, hurtful from people closest to me. Telling me that what I'm doing is a waste of time, and its not gonna make any sense you do that. But i have not given up. I pressed on, and I'm proud. No longer am i influenced by what people say about my hair, no longer do i care that my coils are in your face and you don't like it. No longer do i feel the need to hide my hair. No more. I'm truly emancipated.

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