Thursday, 20 December 2012

No Regimen

Since I started my journey, I seem to be noticing  everyone's hair,  both natural and relaxed. I see so much damage and thinning. At times I feel the urge to say something, to let them know that the main reason for their limp hair, is the RELAXER and secondly lack of care. That I've learnt the hard way that black hair NEEDS TLC

My mom says when she was younger, all they did with their hair was wash it, sometimes no conditioner and  oiled it with coconut oil, that was boiled by her grand father or that was purchased at the local market, then she would put some big plaits/braids or cornrows, that was it. She says her hair still grew and she had her mega afro. lol. But there was no need to do all what I'm doing now or what she sees on the  net.
I understand that some persons can leave their hair as is and it grows, for some, not so.

When I do open up about hair tho, I realize that these women have no regimen.  They do not have any products that they love, that they must use. Some say they buy the cheapest shampoo and conditioner, rarely, if ever get a DC. When they wash, they use no leave in, they blow dry and flat iron and go, or if they are natural, they wash sometimes with shampoo only and oil the hair, get it cornrowed and gone. Not saying you should get all scientific and start your own product line, But I've come to realize that a regimen is needed, even if its simple. The aim should be to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

I was like that: Before embarking on my journey, I too had no regimen, it was anything goes. Anything that says shampoo and condition I used to use  VO5 and White Rain Shampoo (filled with grease cutting ingredients, not recommended for black hair), and any cheap conditioner. I say "grease cutting" because if you use it on a greasy pot, it has the same effect as dish washing liquid.
I rarely DC, mostly had in weaves or braids and a relaxer, then wondered why my hair was always in this horrid state,  At times, I'd take out braids or extension and get a relaxer the same day. I was so ashamed of my roots showing, I'd do anything to let them hide, I don't wear wigs, bcuz of a stupid phobia that it may fall off, so I was depressed most times when it came to my hair .That caused serious damage to my hair and scalp, which I'm still suffering the consequences now. Deep down I knew the damage that would occur but never really cared  much about it.  Especially since so many bad things were being said about it, and if it looked too badly damaged, I'd just cut it off.  Hate filled me, so taking care of it, having a regimen, ensuring that certain things be done, were of no importance.

I then stepped up from the cheaper stuff that is really meant to be used in Caucasian or type 1 hair and started trying out products, even tho a bit more costly, that was meant for black hair, like Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo, Motions CPR, and their Silicone Conditioner, I felt a  difference, but not enough for me to have a proper regimen . I then started to get a DC, every now and then, I just thought it way too time consuming. But I did wear a lot of extensions and braids still avoiding my hair and having to deal with the coarseness of my hair.

Now that I'm more understanding of my hair, I intend to have a simple regimen, one that works for me. Even tho I'm currently a big ol PJ, deep conditioning is a big part of my regimen so far and moisture.  I've seen and read of so many that seem a bit too complicated for me. But to each his/her own... Listen to your hair...


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